Lilica Ripilica believes that all people are equal but different and that, together, they enrich life, dream bigger and that the magic of the world lies in the enchantment of seeing everything as if it were the first time, free of prejudice and judgment. She believes in the genuine curiosity of those who want to learn and in the imagination of those who think that anything is possible and that everything can be improved.

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The character Lilica Ripilica is a 6 year old female koala doll that has a unique and strong personality. She is very brave, inquisitive, friendly and smart, Lilica Ripilica encourages all children to see the world through optimistic eyes. She is a symbol of childhood.

In fashion, Lilica believes she can inspire individuality. Therefore, the brand seeks inclusion, education and promotes child leadership. It values the expression of each child through simple and authentic lifestyles. It is an urban, democratic brand, full of attitude and that increasingly motivates children to create their own style through clothes, shoes and accessories.

With belief in the protection, care and quality of life of babies, the Lilica Baby brand communicates with empathy, generating comfort and bringing fond memories to the surface. It offers product sets intended for babies.

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14 de May, 2022


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11 de May, 2022

Sinônimos de alegria, carinho e orgulho. Mães, parabenizamos a cada uma por darem sempre o seu melhor e por fazer tudo com o maior amor do mundo. Desejamos um dia iluminado e que no...

04 de May, 2022

A comemoração do Dia do Trabalhador foi pra lá de especial. Com a presença dos personagens Lilica e Tigor parabenizamos os colaboradores nos postos de trabalho realizando a entrega...

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